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Follow Up To Employer

Follow Up Services To Employers You Applied to

We have sent a resume to a company you’d like to interview with and you haven’t heard back right away.
What do you do next?
You can either wait patiently, presuming the employer will contact you.

Or we can follow-up with the employer. This is a very Effective Approach In Getting a Job Interview

How to Follow Up At Job Search Logic

We can do for you after applying to a position with a company. You have not heard back from that employer. We Can offer to do some follow up services for you.

This is what we will do: Email Contact
Follow Contact Instructions on Website

Write a Letter as a Follow Up To Employer. On your Behalf
Or We can help you write a response you can send to your employer.

Some Types Of Things We Can Ask The Employer For You

Have any decisions been made yet?
Is it OK to follow up in another week if you haven’t heard anything yet?
What is the time frame for the job-requisition process?
What is the time frame for the hiring process?
What technical qualifications is the company seeking?

So What Are You Waiting for.

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