Bitcoin and CryptoCurrency


Getting Into the Crypto Currency World

Here are a few simple steps to work with to start into the Crypto Currency Investing.

  1. Need to Get a Wallet

Here are 2 wallets you can use.

i) Coinomi

This is more of a mobile APP only

Good app for exchanging and holding multiple currencies.

  1. BlockChain

Good secure wallet for just Bitcoin and Ether

  1. Get a buying Sites.

i) Good Site To Buy Direct from is QuickBT

Good Site to Get Bitcoin, Ether, LiteCoins

Good Basics to Start With

  1. For Just Bitcoin Purchase

Can Use Local Bit Coins

Very User Friendly

  1. Exchanging Sites

Good Sites for Exchanging different Currencies to another.

For Buy, Sell, Trade


  1. For Cash Out

Now that you have gained many earnings to get your crypto currency exchanged to Fiat money.

Here are 2 solutions

i) Canadian Bit Coins

Many options of delivery

ii) Kraken

Kraken Can Offer this option as well.


Just Follow These 4 Steps Above are a good start to investing with CryptoCurrency

A good Site for Posting and Reading Forums About Cryptocurrency and Bit Coin

Use Bit Coin Talk



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