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Social Media Promotion of CV

Social Media Promotion of CV

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We Will Take Your Resume and Whole CV and Promote and Publish On Social Media

Despite interactive mediums, Social Media still a very crucial marketing tool and essential in launching your digital marketing campaign. What has occurred? Greatly due to the explosion of social media, job sourcing and job seeker marketing has exponentially evolved. Consequently, the way in which you write and promote your self-marketing message must be hoisted to meet market demands.
Your tweets should be industry-targeted. Additionally, your Twitter bio that we create will reinforce your resume’s message.
Human Friendly CV
At the same time that you are using your CV for the recruitment databases, you also need your human friendly version that can be printed off onto high quality paper and sent directly in response to a job advert or handed to an important contact in your network.
Complementary to every CV should also be a cover letter, which is widely known as being just as important, if not more important than the CV itself.
And whilst you should always tailor your CV to the position your are applying for, the cover letter provides an excellent opportunity to explain your motivation for the role and how you can make a difference.
Social Media CV
As the recruitment industry thrives on keywords, it is also important to be found through other sources, especially social media


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