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How System Works

How Do I Start & What Does It Cost?

How The System Works

  1. Figure Out the Types of Job Positions You Wish To Work In
  2. And Locations of Where You Want To Work
  3. Clooontact Us Here at or at my order page Click Here
  4. Tell Us Your Needs Of Job Criteria – We Can Search for Jobs Anywhere In the World
  5. We then discuss your job criteria such as locations, positions, companies, etc.
  6. Next, submit your resume and cover letter as well as instructions if you have requests.
  7. We Can Set Up a Joint Email Account At Your Request for Confirmations If Needed
  8. This will be our joint marketing email account to which we both will have access to. We can use this new email account to apply on your behalf. You will have full access to this account
  9. After you submit your final resume and cover letter, we advertise your skills by sending your cover letter (we customize the company name and address for each application) and resume to the companies and the location of work you desire.
  10. We apply direct to companies of your preference.
  11. We go through the entire application process for you with all online methods.
  12. We also offer follow up services to all of your applications at your request.
  13. A Spreadsheet is Made With All Positions Applied To On Regular Basis – This Will Be Our Main Item to Submit to You
  14. Spreadsheets Are Updated and Submitted To You Each Time Project is Updated.
  15. Companies will contact you directly. All interviews and communications are done directly between you and the employer.
  16. Feedback is welcome from your experiencesIMG_0715
  17. Feel Free to Contact Us Now

Benefits To You

Give You the Direct Marketing of Jobs and Careers

We will not only apply to companies that are looking for your requested positions. We can send your applications to companies that may not have advertised the position.

Companies and businesses are always looking for people to work for them. That is why timing is important. Get in first and fast. Things are always changing within mid-sized to large companies. Positions change and people change. This is what keeps you ahead of the game. To get into the job market when others may only be looking in one area.

Have The Space To mid-sized and smaller companies

Majority of the job seekers focus on the big companies. Those large companies are really 100s of small to mid sized divisions that are typically independent and hire locally and independently. Job Search Logic Will Get You to mid sized and large companies directly. Most of the job growth is in mid sized companies that are growing faster and need more people. Larger companies are mostly cutting themselves down often.

Use the Big Network of EmploDSC02022yment

Our Focus we apply to companies in your related field but also to distributors, reps, international head offices and any other adjacent companies that supply to that sector or industry. We want to open all doors and not miss out on any possible opportunities and potential employers for you.