How to Increase Business Success With Feng Shui

 image 4How to Increase Business Success With Feng Shui

For everyone who is running a business or is collaborating with someone yet has the option to decorate their own work space, garnishing it after feng shui rules may be the best thing to do! Why? Feng shui explores principles of positive and negative energy and finds ways to send out positive, vibrant waves towards you and everything you do – that is, if you master the placement of the objects in your space right.

No doubt, you want your office energy to be powerful and successful, which is why you should give feng shui a chance and see your business blossom. It doesn’t really matter if you are decorating a corner office, your small cubicle or a home office, thing is – once you learn how to apply it, feng shui will bring about the air of positive energy and success, recognition and reward towards your business ventures.

We are giving you top most important feng shui tips you should master and follow:

Say “Goodbye” to clutter

Sure, you may be all about your “creative chaos” but working in chaos produces chaotic environment and therefore results in chaotic undertakings. To set the enerimage 4 (1)gy around straight and stir it in the right direction, you should de-clutter your space and let it breathe. You want the good energy to be able to circulate; old boxes, papers you no longer use, office supplements and devices you know you won’t be needing yet they are constantly in the way…. all of that needs to be removed from your working space. Further, don’t just put everything into the cabinets – the cabinets too need to be organized and de-cluttered from all the unnecessary stuff. Once you clear your work space of all the clutter, you’ll immediately feel the positive inflow of good energy.\

Place your desk right

 Having your desk placed in the so called power position is the most important feng shui adjustment you can make.

This power position means being able to see the door (and everyone who is about to enter) from where you are sitting. If possible, position the desk so you have the view of the whole room, too.

In case you are sharing a space with someone, avoid sitting back to back or face to face. This position tends to create conflict and further distract from work.

Create your personal balance

Every object in your office has an influence on you, either positive or negative. The subliminal messages we “catch” during the day through the art we see, music we hear, flowers or lack thereof around us will have an impact on our psyche and overall state of our being. This is why you need to turn your office space into an inspiring environment that will have a positive and uplifting effect on you!

The way to achieve this is by hanging art youimage 1 love, placing around significant pictures/notes/cards – whatever stimulates you and generally makes you happier, painting walls in colors you personally enjoy most, etc. Everything around you should be just as you like it. Naturally, if you are working in a corporation and you don’t really have a freedom of decoration, then upgrade your desk/cubicle with small details that, still, make you smile.

Make sure the toilets are clean

You’d think this one is a given, however – plenty of people pay little or no attention to the hygiene of their toilets at work. The toilets must always be clean, smelling good, with the pipe system functioning properly. Believe it or not a major “energy distress” of the toilet which then transfers to the rest of the office.

Surround yourself with leafy greens

The quality of the indoor air plays a huge role which is why you need to do your best to improve it. A feng shui solution is to decorate your home or office with indoor air-purifying plants. They’ll not all give a sofimage 3ter touch to the space but will also contribute to your health!

We hope these tips will make a difference and better your business life. Good luck!