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30 Day Employment Search Plan Package

  1. New Resume Creation
  2. New Cover Letter Creation
  3. 50 Job Applications = Includes Searching and Application Process Completed
  4. Spreadsheet Created of All Jobs Applied With Company Names – Positions
  5. Interview Information / Tips Provided
  6. 24/7 Email Support / Contact – Contact Me Anytime For Questions and Advice
  7. Life Career Advice – Help With Deciding on a Career Direction
  8. Creation of Follow Up Letter = For You to Print Out
  9. Financial Advice – For During Low Employment Times

Employment Consulting

Employment Consultants assist people in finding and keeping employment. Clients are assisted to identify their employment strengths and challenges. They will create a step by step “Return To Work Action Plan”, and will receive continued support to ensure successful long-term employment.

  • Identifying and clarifying interests, abilities, skills, and education in relation to short and long-term career goals
  • Exploring training requirements
  • Facilitating skills that support successful employment
  • Job search tools such as resumes, interviews, job search strategies
  • On-the-job training opportunities
  • Placement support in resolving workplace issues to ensure a successful match
  • Support to remove work related barriers

information on how to keep present job

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