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Welcome to Job Search Logic

Welcome to Job Search Logic

Our Services At Job Search Logic Will Help You Search and Apply to any Job.

I Will Do All The Work Involved It Takes To Get A New Job.

For You

These Are My Services:

Will Conduct Extensive Job Searches For You

Will Apply To All Jobs on Your Behalf

Create New Resumes and Cover Letters

Upload and send Your Resume/CV to Employers

Create Profiles/Accounts on Job Search Sites eg. etc

Will fill out all those online application forms companies require

Follow Up Messages to Employers

Keep Updated on New Jobs That Get Posted Daily

Provide Your CV/Resume To Social Media Sites

Publish Your Resume/CV/Skills On Our Website 

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A Very Important Item For Any Student or Graduate

Along these lines, you have put in the middle of 4-7 years getting a degree or a certificate in the field. You needed to work in and spent on a normal $10,000 to $ 90,000+ on your instruction and understand that after graduation there are only a modest bunch of employments on your University/College vocation site. The greater part of the fundamental profession destinations are requesting many years of experience. Getting Replies is getting hard and frustrating.

New Graduates have one of the hardest times in associating with organizations in their field after they graduate. Job Search Logic will help that procedure to be simple. By Connecting You To the Important Organizations For Students.

Work Boards/Sites like Monster, CareerBuilder, and so forth are extraordinary apparatuses for individuals who have experience and most organization. The selection representatives who post employments on these destinations are searching for particular individuals with the right experience to coordinate their customers’ needs. New Graduates don’t understand that most organizations don’t publicize on these occupation sheets. They employ inside or through neighborhood daily papers. So regardless of the possibility that you were checking day by day on occupation sheets you are just getting to under 5% of respondents.

Most understudies are late in applying or don’t know where to apply. It is essential you begin applying 4 months prior. On the off chance that you are graduating in May then begin in February. There is a whole other world to simply applying to a couple employments on occupation sheets or with enrollment specialists. That is insufficient, and there are a larger number of occupations accessible than you might suspect. Most Organizations and Business would rather not advertise to schools.

Organizations really depend and prefer on informal, inward suggestions and direct applications.

Our methodology permits us to apply specifically to areas of different average sized to extensive associations in the interest of you. We apply specifically to finish Job Sectors and Industries who might welcome your instructive foundation. Your objectives, and enthusiasm despite the fact that you have restricted experience. Fundamentally, we will probably open entryways for employment seekers who had no entrance to in any case. Organizations are continually looking notwithstanding when they are not enlisting.